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Installation the Go betweens, NYC 2023
Accrochage, Cavin Morris, NYC 2023

Cavin-Morris Gallery - New York 
2 février - 1er avril 2023

The Go-Betweens
New work by Christine Sefolosha
and Sylvain and Ghyslaine Staelens


Cavin-Morris Gallery 

529, W 20th Str, 3rd floor

New York City, NY 10011


As a young girl, I used to sneak out of the house and steal the doormat. I then would bring it to the majestic Lebanon cedar in front of our house. I spent many hours passionately riding my blue green “horse” across imaginary plains on magical voyages that brought  me to the extraordinary “other side”.

With this  serie of recent works, likewise I never know beforehand how the piece will look before starting.


One overlay over the other slowly brings meaning and vision towards the final Image. I will eventually reach the moment when nothing can be added or removed I think wildlife, being vegetal, animal or human are bound together and belong to this greater realm we need to experience, brought together by inseparable ties.


My paintings at best could be symbols of these unconscious currents that have been shaped by various levels of my experiences, intuition playing an important role towards what should be the ultimate destination. 

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